Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation is Not Optional for Your Company


Are you an employer wondering if you should be providing workers compensation insurance in Miami? Do you know what workers compensation covers -- and what it doesn't? Is workers comp just another necessary evil in the world of business expenses?

If you're an employer conducting business in and around Miami, Florida, you should be aware that the law requires employers to provide workers compensation with only a few exceptions to the law. If you don't know where you stand, call one of our trained agents at Qbik Insurance and schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss Florida workers compensation. Workers compensation insurance in Florida need not be confusing or overwhelming. Our agents are up to date on what the law requires and are prepared to offer guidance, information and a competitive rate quote.

Here at Qbik Insurance, let us explain to you the value and benefits to your company and your employees that comes with a comprehensive Florida workers compensation package. In addition to covering all medical bills, an injured employee or an employee unable to work for a variety of specified reasons may receive total disability payments for a portion of their salary for a specified period of time. Short term and long term disability coverage is available. Death benefits as a result of injury are also available.