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Like many cities and states across the country, having car insurance in Miami, Florida is very important. Not only is Miami car insurance important but it is required and is an issue that must be taken very seriously. In many states including Florida ; car insurance policies are very comprehensive and extensive in nature so it's best to understand what you're getting when looking to get a Miami car insurance and or a Florida car insurance quote or any other you may be looking to obtain.

Due to the significant nature of car insurance it is very important to have it because it can protect you from many devastating events and circumstances. First automobile insurance protects you from having liability such as is you damage someone else's or your car or a injure a person in general. Secondly it protects you from uncontrollable things such as your car being ruined by a flood, hail and quite commonly in Florida a hurricane. It's also important to have insurance for an automobile because it can protect you in potentially devastating lawsuits by covering court costs and settlement matters and most importantly protect you from injury by covering your medical costs and compensating you for lost wages.


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There are many types of car insurance policies and so it's making it important to know what you're getting. Among the types of policies are bodily injury, property damage liability, collision coverage and personal injury protection.

The bodily injury liability policy covers medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages related to personal injury from an accident

With property damage liability coverage people will be protected and covered for damaged property that results in loss of use and legal defense and court costs associated with this matter.

Another common type of coverage is collision coverage. With this policy coverage helps pay for damage to a covered vehicle caused by collision with another vehicle, object and vehicle rollover.

In Florida there is a unique type of car insurance coverage that is required and it is Personal Injury Protection. Personal Injury Protection coverage allows people to pay the necessary medical expenses for covered persons for treatment due to an auto accident. It covers things such as rehabilitation costs, lost earnings, replacement services, child care (it the parent is disabled) and even funeral costs.

Miami, Florida is a unique city and therefore there are a number of factors that can lead to considerably high premiums. This is why getting a licensed insurance agent to get you a policy is of significant importance. A licensed insurance agent offers personalized service and guides you through the process of getting the right policy and coverage for your needs. Their expertise helps you as a policy buyer of car insurance in Florida. They are also able to allow you to get questions answered and claims processed immediately instead of going through tedious procedures with the company itself. Another benefit offered through licensed agents is the ability to make changes to your policy immediately when life changing events occur such as a child getting a license and adding someone else to your policy. Independent agents allow you to make a payment at an office location for convenience.

The licensed insurance agent will also help you by letting you know about discounts in policies and get them for you, give you valuable and useful reminders of when your next payment is due. Finally a licensed insurance agent will give you lots of peace of mind and support in one of the most important financial issues you have.