Life Insurance


Miami life insurance is available for everyone in one form or another. Every Miami life insurance company has policies available for those seeking broad coverage as well as for those seeking the minimal amount needed to cover their final expenses without being a burden to others.

The big question, when it comes to choosing an option for your Miami life insurance policy is whether you should choose term life insurance or whole life insurance. Before you sign on with the first life insurance quote offered to you, consider calling one of our knowledgeable and experienced agents as Qbik Insurance Company. We're here to help you sort through the technical jargon and arrive at a policy that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Term life insurance is offered for a specified period of time. If the insured dies within the time period, the benefit is paid. If the insured person outlasts the term of the policy there will be no monetary payout.

Whole life insurance is considered permanent insurance. For a specified annual premium, you are assured of a minimum guaranteed death benefit for your benficiary. There is usually a cash value involved that can be drawn upon if a situation arises to warrant it.

There are variations involved in both term life insurance and whole life insurance policies. That's why is makes sense to sit down with one of our agents at Qbik Insurance Company to thoroughly assess your needs before you purchase an insurance product that is too limited or one that is overkill for your needs today and your expected future needs.

Obviously, permanent or whole life insurance can be expected to cost more as the benfits are greater. This is important if you have dependent children to protect or if you plan to leave a sum of money through a death insurance payout to your chosen beneficiary. For those with simple needs and no dependents that will require financial support after you're gone, a term policy may be the way to go.

Many people falsely believe life insurance is simply a gamble against death. It is not all that simple. Save yourself from second guessing your decisions by asking our experienced, licensed agents to go over the details and options with you up front. A little time spent in weighing your options will provide you with just the right life insurance quote to meet your needs.