Miami General Liability Insurance

Being a business owner is risky business, no doubt about it. In order to protect your assets and your livelihood, you need to carry general liability insurance at your Miami based business. It is the only way to go to protect yourself against common, general purpose claims involving physical injury or property damage. With miami general liability insurance, your business can continue to operate while dealing with real or imagined claims brought by those seeking restitution for negligence or wrongful acts on the part of your business.

Commercial miami general liability insurance constitutes the most basic type of commercial insurance coverage. In addition to covering injury to person or property and slanderous or libelous acts, general liability insurance will cover the costs associated with defending your business in court and any monetary settlement, if it comes to that. Miami General liability protection will cover the costs of care in the case of bodily injury, the costs associated with property damage and the ramifications of contractual liability in the event promises made through contract are not carried out in reality.


General Liability is a necessity to do business in Florida if  you want to be successful and avoid turning down jobs. Mostly all companies will require you to have general liability Insurance to do any kind of work at their location or jobsite. Most companies want to make sure you are insured for any bodily injuries or property damage that you may be liable for when doing a job at their location. So even if you think that your bullet proof (which you're not), you will need commercial general liability insurance to be marketable in your business. We can help you with additional insured endorsements and certificate of insurance.

If you're not sure why you need general liability insurance in your Miami based business, or even if you know you need it but want to find the best policy at an affordable price, give us a call today at Qbik Insurance. Our trained professional commercial insurance agents are standing by to provide you with everything you need to know before you become the victim of a real, or perhaps fraudulent, claim against your business.


We will often offer this type of insurance as part of a package with your property insurance, providing low cost coverage for all your basic insurance needs. Your general liability quote in Miami will offer options for protection against the four basic categories of business liability: physical injury, damage to property, injury to person such as slander or libel and offenses that may occur in your business advertisements, such as copyright infringement or libelous remarks.

While we can't promise that liability claims will never haunt your business, we can give you an insurance product to cover your needs while the problem is being sorted out in the legal arena. For more details, call an Qbik Insurance agent today.