Garage Insurance

Garage Insurance in Florida - Protection for You and Your Garage


Garage insurance in Florida is a broad based area of insurance coverage you must understand if you want to be fully protected in your business. If you're in the business of selling, servicing, storing or parking autos you need Garage insurance. Basically, Garage insurance is a packaged policy covering both property and business liability.

Garage insurance covers much more than the name implies. Of course your policy will cover your clients vehicles on the premises or while on a test drive. It protests you from the liability arising from a faulty repair that results in your client having a accident after they leave your shop. It also covers incidents on the property involving customers or other third parties, such as a slip and fall due to a slippery floor.

If a garage liability insurance sound like it’s a little more complicated than you first thought, why not take a few minutes out right now to call one of our trained and reliable agents at Qbik Insurance Company. Over the phone they will explain the basics of liability coverage, property coverage and special optional levels of coverage that may apply to your particular circumstances. They may then schedule a time to review your particular needs on site and provide accurate garage insurance quotes to provide the protection you need.


Maybe you're not even sure you're an eligible candidate for garage insurance. Our expert agents will go over the liabilities that should concern you and the protections available to you if you operate a gasoline service station, a mechanical repair shop or an auto glass replacement facility. Did you know you are eligible for garage insurance in Florida if your establishment valets cars? If you operate a car wash? Or an auto upholstery shop?


If you're surprised to learn the extent to which garage insurance can benefit your commercial establishment, don't wait any longer. A quick call to Qbik Insurance is all it will take to put you on the road to adequate garage insurance coverage in Miami. Don't spend another restless night worrying if you have the coverage you need. Just ten minutes on the phone with our agents will give you the peace of mind you need to devote your energies to your major goals in life -- running your business.