Flood Insurance


Miami flood insurance coverage is essential to every homeowner seeking to live in the sunshine state. Most homeowners understand the value of protecting their property against the ravages of fire, theft or other types of damage to their homes. Far fewer understand the risks of flood damage or understand that flood insurance is not automatically included in general homeowners insurance coverage.
While you may be able to safely overlook flood insurance if you live in the mountains near Denver or in the dust bowl regions of Oklahoma, flood insurance in Miami is not optional if you want the safety and security that comes with protecting your home and its contents from any likely threat.
If you're unsure about the risks and benefits of flood insurance, contact our agents at Qbik Insurance Company and schedule an appointment to sit down and talk about what flood insurance in Miami means to you and your financial security. All of our agents are licensed professional insurance agents in the Miami area with the resources and experience to guide you in making the right decision for your circumstances.
A quick look at a flood map will give you an idea just what your personal risk factor might be. If you are living in the greater Miami area, it's a safe bet your home lies within a flood zone. Knowing your flood risk is the first step in determining the cost of flood insurance. Qbik Insurance Company has earned the trust and confidence of many homeowners just like you who must deal with the uncertain world of insurance coverage.

If the added cost of flood insurance has you worried, give our agents a few minutes of your time to explain the costs and options available to you. We will work up several packages and quote a variety of insurance options from which you can choose. We're not in a hurry to sell you something you don't feel you need, so you won't feel rushed.
We are anxious to point out just how important the proper flood insurance can be in the event of a weather related event in your area. We all love the sun and the heat here in beautiful Miami, but with the great weather comes an element of risk. Let Qbik Insurance Company give you the peace of mind to feel secure in your Miami residence.