Condo Association Insurance

Condo Association Insurance is a Value-Added Product for your Condo Residents


Miami, Florida condo association insurance is a valuable, reasonably priced product you can be proud to offer to your condominium residents. Not to be confused with the individual condo insurance policy your residents should consider purchasing for themselves, condominium association insurance is a basic master insurance policy providing general protection for your building.

Still not sure? Our agents are qualified to explain in detail the levels of coverage involved in condo association insurance in Miami, Dade County. Take a few minutes out of your busy day and give us a call. In a brief, no-nonsense discussion, we will break down the basic categories of condominium association insurance into three easy to understand options:

  • Overall insurance that covers the common areas of the condo property and the building's physical structure, not including appliances, cabinets or flooring in each individual unit.
  • A more involved policy to cover the common areas and the building structure along with items within each unit excluding personal property.
  • And the option with the most coverage which provides insurance protection for the common areas, the physical structure, plus fixtures and improvements to each individual condo supplied by the unit owner.

Miami, Florida condo association insurance will provide you, the condo building owner and manager, with the level of coverage you need to cover losses as a result of fire, theft, explosions, smoke and vandalism. It will most likely not cover scenarios such as floods, earthquakes, sewer backups or acts of terrorism. These are insurance situations your condo unit owners should cover on their own with individual condo insurance policies.

Still confused? You won't be after you speak with one of our trained professional agents. Not only will they explain the requirements of coverage offered by condo association insurance, they will help you better understand the further insurance needs of your unit owners so you can guide them in the direction of purchasing their own policy to complete the coverage they will need for total protection.